Tradisi Mantab dalam Pengembangan Masyarakat di Kecamatan Gedangan Kabupaten Sidoarjo


  • Nur Mazidah UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya



tradisi Mantab, pengembangan masyarakat


The research about “The Study of Mantab Tradition for Community Development in Kecamatan Gedangan Kabupaten Sidoarjo” is based on the idea that : 1) Mantab is one of social institution that serve the religious-social function, 2)  Among perception of Gedangan’s societies, Mantab tradition need to be developed and it has spectacular members, about 7000 people, 3) Mantab tradition has socio-cultural mechanism growth from local content. Its position very often become strategic tools for community development information. This research is focused on the following matters. 1) Social function of Mantab tradition as religious institution, 2) the perception of the community  toward Mantab tradition and, 3) the real contributions of Mantab tradition in the process of community development. Theoretical concepts underlying this research are paradigm of structural-functional theory. In addition, it is aimed at discovering whether there is any relation between social function of institution as written in theory matches the fact found in the real life. The writer applies qualitative research using phenomenological approach. The technique used in this research is in-depth interview and observation. Purposive sampling used to get the whole information needed.


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