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Ahmad Sahide, University of Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Scopus ID : 57217227516

Sinta ID : 5974368 

Google Scholar ID : wThCpO4AAAAJ

Recent Publications : 

Elyta, Elyta, and Ahmad Sahide. 2021. “Model of Creative Industry Management in Border Areas to Improve Bilateral Cooperation In Indonesia and Malaysia.” Cogent Social Sciences 7 (1).

Sahide, Ahmad. 2022. “Power Consolidation of Jokowi ’ s Administration?: The Role of the Social Media and Political Issues in Indonesian Democracy.” Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies 11 (1): 159–68.


Bukuri Zejno, The Institute of Knowledge Integration, Tbilisi, Georgia

Asst. Prof. Dr. Bukuri Zejno, who is from Albania, received her B.A (hons) from IIUM in Communication, Human Sciences and her M.A. and Ph.D. from IIUM in Education. She has presented in a number of conferences and has written papers in the field of Education, ethics of using technology, plagiarism, women’s participation in education and work, educational policy and academic integrity, etc. Dr Bukuri was appointed as Assistant Editor for the IIUM Journal of Religion and Civilizational Studies for a one-year period. She has as well, rendered professional assistance, reviews and language editing services to a number of research projects. Among her publications are: “Development and Validation of ICT Library Usage Scale for the IIUM Postgraduate Students” (Article in English - 2012); “Gender Equality and the Participation of Muslim Women in Education and Work: A Critical Analysis” (Article in English 2015); “Plagiarism in Academic Writing among Students of Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia” (Chapter in a Book, in English - 2016); “The Concept of Europe as a Cultural Identity” (Article in English – 2017; “Plagiarism in Academic Writing among Students of Higher Learning Institutions in Malaysia: An Islamic Perspective” (Article in English – 2018; “Revival of Islam through Tajdid (Renewal) and Islah (Reform) Tendencies in the Post-Communist Albania” (Article in English – 2019); “Educational Policy and Educators' Academic Integrity” (Article in English -2019).


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H. Darwis, University of Hassanuddin Makassar, Indonesia

Sinta ID : 6064292

Google Scholar ID : QeyO8VEAAAAJ

Recent Publications : 

Putra, Bama Andika, and Darwis. 2022. “The Decline of Indonesia ’ s Leadership Role in ASEAN?: Systemic and Domestic Constraints of Jokowi ’ s Foreign Policy Alterations.” Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies 11 (1): 115–26.

Darwis, Bama Andika Putra, and Abdul Razaq Cangara. 2020. “Navigating through Domestic Impediments: Suharto and Indonesia’s Leadership in ASEAN.” International Journal of Innovation, Creativity and Change 13 (6): 808–24.


Hasbi Aswar, Islamic University of Indonesia, Indonesia

Scopus ID : 57792696100

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Hasbi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of International Relations. His research interests are mostly in political issues in the Islamic world and the dynamics of social movements. Several books have been published, either alone or with other authors: Ulama & Political Dynamics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Phinisi Press 2019), Transformation Towards Fitrah; LGBT in an Indonesian Perspective (Dompet Dhuafa, 2019), Discourse on Islam, Politics, & International Relations (Deepublish, 2020).

Recent Publications : 

Aswar, Hasbi. 2022. “Alternative Solution for Indonesian Political and Ideological Problems: A Framing Analysis on Hizb Ut-Tahrir Ideological Narratives”. Intellectual Discourse 30 (1).

Aswar, Hasbi, Zamzami, Fauzi, Widjayanti, Alifya, AND Priyansyah, Ahmad. "Pertarungan Narasi Islam dalam Pemilihan Presiden Tahun 2019" Politea : Jurnal Pemikiran Politik Islam [Online], Volume 5 Number 2 (16 December 2022).


Mohammed Fawzi Aminu Amadu, GM Ambassadors, Accra, Ghana

Researchgate: Research Interest Score 4.1

Mr. Amadu has been working as a Management Consultant and Social Commentator over 10 years and his consultancy worked for the Government of Ghana, Private Corporations – both local and international, as well as local NGO’s.

He started work as an IT consultant with American Management Systems in the United States and there, worked on projects for the State of Ohio and for the Federal Government – the Department of Defense to be exact.

After leaving the United States, he took up teaching at the United Arab Emirates University in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, whiles teaching he also started arranging project financing for projects in Africa that needed funding, while at the same time connecting businessmen from the Middle East to potential partners in West Africa.

Mr. Amadu also works as a social commentator by giving lectures at public programs, on radio and on television. He is especially sought after as a speaker in the Area of Islamic Finance and Islamic Business, though he also speaks on a broad range of Islamic topics.

Recent Publications : 

Mohammed F. A. Amadu & Mohd Ma’sum Billah, "Awqaf-Led Neo-Endowment in Supporting Socio-Economic Development" (2021), Awqaf-led Islamic Social Finance: Innovative Solutions to Modern Applications, Routledge, pp 11 - 22.

Mohd Ma’sum Billah & Mohammed F. A. Amadu, Shari’ah Code of Ethics in Cryptocurrency, Halal Cryptocurrency Management (2019), Palgrave Macmillan, Chapter 10, pp 149 -163.


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Muhammad Muttaqien, Airlangga University of Surabaya, Indonesia

Sinta ID : 5983666 

Google Scholar ID : pXijZ7gAAAAJ 

Recent Publications :

Muttaqien, M. 2020. “Iran and COVID-19: Domestic Preparedness and International Sanctions.” Jurnal Global & Strategis 14 (2): 451.

Muttaqien, M. 2019. “ASEAN Charter: A Compromise Agreement on Democracy and Human Rights.” International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences 9 (5): 481–89.


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Wahidah Zein Br. Siregar, State Islamic University (UIN) of Sunan Ampel Surabaya, Indonesia

Scopus ID : 8900819800

Sinta ID : 6657487

Google Scholar ID : Dwho4XEAAAAJ

Recent Publications : 

Siregar, Wahidah Zein Br, and Moh Fathoni Hakim. 2021. “Zhong Yong and Moderation of Chinese Muslims in Indonesia.” Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education (TURCOMAT) 12 (2): 646–56.

Prihatini, Ella Syafputri, and Wahidah Zein Br Siregar. 2019. “GENDER QUOTAS IN INDONESIA?: RE-EXAMINING THE ROLE OF INTERNATIONAL NGOs.” Ex Æquo, no. 40: 31–47.