Author Guidelines

Authors who submit their manuscript in Indonesian Journal of Political Studies must follow the following author guidelines:

  1. Manuscripts written for the Indonesian Journal of Political Studies include research outcomes (field research or library research) and book review, which encourages critical and innovative theoretical debates.
  2. The manuscript is the original work of the author, has never been published, or is not in the process of submission to be published in other media.
  3. The manuscript topic must be in line with the focus and scope of Indonesian Journal of Political Studies.
  4. The author is obliged to ensure that the manuscript does not contain any form of plagiarism.
  5. The manuscript is written in English or Bahasa Indonesia. The writing system for research outcome is a title, name of the writer, abstract with keywords, introduction, literature review, methods, discussion or analysis, conclusion, and reference.
  6. The title of the article cannot exceed 16 words. The Title is typed with an aligned text left a small letter in 14 pts.
  7. The author's name is written without an academic degree, followed by the institutional affiliation, located under the title of the article.
  8. The abstract should summarize the main arguments and the contributions of the manuscript; provide concise information regarding the purpose of the manuscript, the approach, and the main findings of the manuscript, consist of 150-250 words.
  9. The keyword should avoid general and plural terms, consist of no more than six words or phrases.
  10. The manuscript is typed using Microsoft Word program on HVS Quarto paper, in RTF format (.rtf), around 5500-8500 words in Cambria size 12 pts and 1.5 space, around 1000-1500 words for a book review.
  11. Tables and figures should have clear titles, numbers, sources, and be typed in one space.
  12. Citation and reference format must follow the Chicago Style of citation (Author-date style) on “The Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition)”.
  13. The manuscript is to be submitted directly to by creating a user account as an author.
  14. Manuscripts must follow the template provided.